Move Better- Don't Just Burn Calories

Dec 20, 2020

 by Tony Cress

There's a reason most of these gyms are outfitted with heart rate #training screens and touting #hiit classes that don't make sense.

They make you tired. And in our society, that makes us think we are doing something purposeful. We'd be right, if there weren't levels to our #health.

It's kind of like seeing a pretty person and then saying "well, if they are pretty on the outside, they must be pretty all around". Pretty equals good, right?

See how silly that sounds?

I've spent literal DECADES learning how to make the body become healthier, move better, be #stronger, lose what you don't want, perform with more #power, and on and on. The thing is, we want it to be simple and people keep pounding that in your head with the intention of if it is simple, you are more likely to do it.

The simple part is move more-eat less. But that is PART of it for PART of society. Some people want less pain in their body. Some people want to be #faster. Some people want #abs. Some people want to look like pro wrestlers💪. Some people want to be able to tie their 👟and some people want to play 🎾. Some people want to be able to get up off the couch without pain and some people want to run an ultramarathon🏃.

Is "move more-eat less" applicable to everyone? Maybe we should be taking a different approach that might apply to everyone and give everyone positive feedback.

How about "move BETTER-eat BETTER"?

Would that give people the benefits they want? I'm going to guess in all of those things I mentioned above, the answer is yes.

If you move better, you can move with more weight🏋️‍♀️ without holding anything back or increasing your risk of injury. If you can move more weight, you can get more #muscle🦾 which will help decrease the amount of excess fat. If you move better, you can. Go on more hikes, perform better on the courts or fields and get up off the couch without hesitation or effort. You can reach behind you and not hurt your back. You can show off in that #bikini because your posture is on point. You can #dance🕺 without getting tired. You can ride your #bike 🚴‍♀️with your kids and not be the one who needs a break.