Respect What Your Body Does- Las Vegas Personal Training

Nov 15, 2020

 by Tony Cress

This picture represents one tool, the viprpro, but it represents many ideas of HOW the body can move!

When we train, are we respecting that aspect of our physical bodies?

Are we acknowledging that we use the body to snowboard, hike, play volleyball or tennis, run around with children, tackle football players, ski, play pickleball, lift groceries, reach for light bulbs, grab bags our of the back of our cars, walk our dogs in the snow or rain, drive for long periods of time and move furniture?

More often than not, we disregard everything that we do to train in a way that makes NONE of that more attainable or fun!

If we put a little more effort into WHY we are training and understanding how that improves what we are training for, it may not only advance our personal lives, but it may make you more motivated to train.