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Hyrox Training Program

What Is The Hyrox Training Program? Level Up Your 2024!

Was last year your best year ever?  How hard did you REALLY train?   We’re thrilled to introduce the Hyrox Training Program at Tony Cress Training Center,…

Hyrox Race- Walking Lunges

Elevate Your Fitness: Tony Cress Training Center Becomes Hyrox Race Affiliated Gym

In the pursuit of pushing our fitness boundaries, Tony Cress Training Center is thrilled to announce its affiliation with Hyrox Race, a revolutionary fitness competition…

Tony Cress owner of Tony Cress Training Center Fitness Level

3 Things to Do RIGHT NOW To Increase Your Fitness Level and Drop Pounds-Las Vegas Personal Training

You want to lose weight or increase your fitness level. I live in Las Vegas, so we know that “image” can be very important, regardless…