Your 3 Times a Week Consistency- Is It Real?

Consistency is a word you may not want to hear. Are you consistent in your efforts? We like to pretend we are, but when it comes down to the actual pedal to the metal, where do you fall? Are you being consistent to accomplish the change you would like to see?

Working out. We all would love to say that i work out 3 times a week. Maybe even 4! What about that birthday week that you got to the gym twice? Oh, how about that 10 days you were in Hawaii? The work trip where you didnt get to the gym.

Can you still say 3 times a week? When we add it all up, all of a sudden it is ” i actually worked out 10 times this month. Lets divide that by 4 (being nice). So now, you actually go to the gym 2.5 times a week. Does that get to you to your goals?

What about that time you were gone for two weeks because you got sick? I know! I know. Give me some grace! The problem is we can’t say 3 times a week when it is not really 3 times a week. If i was sick for two weeks and showed up my 3 times the two weeks before, now im looking at 1.5 times a week.

Math sucks, but the reality is reality. Do not try to fool yourself into thinking your reality is a different pace than actual reality. An easy way to see your true reality if your actions align with your goals; a dry erase board.

Every time you show up this month, mark it down. At the end of the month, count the marks. We give ourselves a lot of credit and usually count the good weeks as our norm. They generally are not. We strive for them to be, but sometimes we come up short!

This month, lets take ourselves to task. Keep track of your sessions. See how you end up. Then asses what you need to do afterwards.