Are Your Streaming Habits Outweighing Your Health Investments

Have you taken a good look at what you INVEST in?

How much do you invest into the thing that will keep you mobile for the rest of your life?

How much do you invest in streaming services?

This CAN be a monetary investment, a time investment, an energy investment, or an effort investment.

Have you ever fought sleep to BINGE a show?

Have you ever said “I’ll do it tomorrow” to working out or “I’ll start Monday” only to never start?

Have you ever put a down payment on your health and then not kept up the investments or made the payments to it?

If you live in The United States, the answer is YES to the latter questions.

The investment into even just STREAMING SERVICES like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Paramount Plus etc, exceeds most people’s investments in their own health, even though you truly only get one body. Does this mean that multiple streaming services are worth more than your one body? Again, the sad majority answer is…YES.

Take the amount of time you use on your streaming services. The average American adult watches 175 minutes of television a day. Almost 3 hours. A day. Do you practice movement 3 hours a day? Even 1?

The cost of cable on average is $80/mo. I know people who pay $225/mo.
Streaming services $55/mo.

What’s your movement coaching cost?
What is your nutrition coaching per month?
Do you invest in a sleep coach?

Some of us are on the right track for our ONE body that we get. Some of us… maybe not.

It’s a matter of what you want that body to be able to do, not today, not this month, but for as long as you live.