3 Things to Do RIGHT NOW To Increase Your Fitness Level and Drop Pounds-Las Vegas Personal Training

Tony Cress owner of Tony Cress Training Center Fitness Level

You want to lose weight or increase your fitness level. I live in Las Vegas, so we know that “image” can be very important, regardless of how many people say it isn’t. I’ve got 3 things for you to put in to your life RIGHT NOW, that can help you get pretty immediate results.

Before I give you the three things, you have to ask YOURSELF a few questions. How bad do you truly want to change and why? If you don’t have a reason you believe in, then you are much less likely to do things that are different than you currently are. What is it you want to accomplish. Having a goal you can measure can be an easy way to keep consistently doing the right things. And lastly, are you ready to actually change?

  1. Eat Good Food First– When you eat, make sure that the first thing you eat is 100% beneficial towards your goals. This is actually embedded in our society. It isn’t perfect, but there is this thing called “dessert” that is usually eaten AFTER the meal. We could argue that a lot of times the meal isn’t beneficial either, but in this case, you are making sure that the “meal” is performance based for your body. A lot of times, after the meal, you will realize you don’t even want the thing that was bad for you. You just needed food. So make a few “right” choices before you make a less than optimal one.

2. Move Every Day– This is the one, that in our current society, we have coached ourselves out of. We think “rest day” means do nothing. It doesn’t nor should it. Rest, if we really want our goals to happen, should consist of what we should be doing to enhance our really intense movement days. Most people don’t move enough, period. I’d argue that some people don’t even make 10,000 steps a day. If you don’t, make that your first “move every day” goal. If you do, great. That’s still not enough. Do something. Yoga, stretching, a flush bike ride, a nice easy jog, light weights, bodyweight movements, self massage, pilates, etc. You need to get up and lubricate the body as often as you can. Motion is lotion.

3. Go To Bed– To put it simply, social media and streaming ruin your fitness or health goals. You might think they don’t, but you’d be wrong. The amount of time you spend on those platforms could be used to recover, or put into efforts elsewhere. The average American spends over 6 hours a day on their screens. The average American also says they don’t have time to work out. Do the math. That brings me to sleep. How often do you have a screen on before bed? Could you technically go to bed an hour earlier than you do? Most people THINK they only need x amount of hours of sleep a night. That “x” usually isn’t 8-10. It’s usually not even 7. The average US adult gets less than 7 hours of sleep a night, KNOWING that 7-10 is recommended. Again, if I’m doing the math, something is taking the place of that sleep that we NEED. Go to bed earlier than you usually do. That’s a start.

You can take these suggestions with a grain of salt, or you can implement them today. I promise if you do the latter, your fitness goals will come to you quicker. Your weight loss goals will kickstart. Your life will improve. You will have more energy THIS WEEK. You’ll understand the work you put in will directly affect the results you get out. To change your fitness level, implement these “hacks”.