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Working Out on Bosu Elite

Not everyone is willing to put in the work to get what they want.

Most likely you will have to change your behaviors in life to get a different outcome.

Do you deserve the results you want? Are your actions and behaviors working out to get you those results?

What are you doing right now to ENSURE that you get what you want?

Many people will take this post, look at it, and then say “not today”. But what about yesterday? The day before? The whole month before that?

Sadly, the answer usually is “no. I haven’t been”.

Now, what about tomorrow? This weekend? People like to take “the weekends off”.

That’s 3 out of 7 days. That’s 43% of your week.

So, almost HALF your time, you aren’t doing what is necessary.

Even if that other half is ON POINT, that’s still not an A+ effort.

That’s an F. That kinda sucks to hear, but you can’t really argue the percentages there.

You could argue about “work/life balance” but you still aren’t getting what you want, so how’s that working out?

If you truly want something, the things you need to do to GET that something have to be prioritized.

Obviously you have priorities currently in your life. Some non-negotiables as well. If those things prohibit you from behaviors/actions that would lead you to those results that you want…

You have to change the results that you want. You don’t get to NOT prioritize and also get rewarded for NOT doing the work.

Inevitably, you are going to make a decision on what you want. You have to make an action plan that is realistic to getting you that thing.

Most people won’t take the time to sit down, ask THEMSELVES what they want to accomplish, and realistically UNDERSTAND what is needed to get the desired result.

We do a lot of “wishful thinking”. Things like “I need to lose 10 pounds” or “I should start working out” without a deeper understanding of WHY you want either of those things.

Attach meaning to them. Maybe you want to lose 10 pounds because you really don’t like how you feel when you look in a mirror, or the pants you have to wear. Maybe you want to start working out because you are tired of just not feeling capable, in movement or life.

Whatever it is, really dig in deeper to WHY you want any of that stuff. Then figure out the demands in your life to GET it. Are those things something you realistically would be disciplined for? If not, forget it. If so, make the changes in your behaviors to accomplish the task.

If you have trouble working out and the end of the day comes and you still haven’t, maybe you need a non-negotiable of working out first thing in the morning. If you say “I could never do that”, then maybe that goal isn’t for you and you have to adjust what you want. As a start, look at Tony’s youtube videos here:

If you find yourself eating not so desirable foods on the weekends, maybe you need to change your weekend habits. You can’t meet up with your friends until you get that under your control. If you aren’t willing to do that, you need to change what your goals.

This isn’t to call any people in particular out, it’s to call attention to being realistic with who we are, how we’ve gotten away from being focused on what we actually want out of life and how we’ve JUSTIFIED getting away from it and just become resolute because the behavior change is a challenge that sometimes, is over our head, or we haven’t wrapped our head around the fact that it is going to be HARD. Decisions have to be made time and time again, with detractors coming from places that we love and that love us.

Keep your head on straight, think about what you want and what REALLY is necessary to get that. It’s simple, but it’s damn hard. If you can acknowledge those things, keep steadfast in your goals, and develop a strategy that will lead you to changing your behaviors, you are ahead of 99% of people, because those other 99% are NOT doing any of that.